Joanne Aono
Blue Fields - Immigrant WatersDetail, Blue Fields - Immigrant WatersGulf/Lake - Immigrant WatersSea/Ocean - Immigrant WatersAono (Blue Fields) East/WestAono (Green Fields) East/WestDetail - Aono (Green Fields) East/WestGreen FieldscapeDetail, Green FieldscapeDetail, Green FieldscapeInstallation of 9 Green Fields panels Green Fields - HiroshimaGreen Fields - LaborerGreen Fields - IsseiGreen Fields - SanseiGreen Fields - FarmersGreen Fields - NiseiGreen Fields - GenerationsGreen Fields - FieldsGreen Fields - ImmigrantGreen Fields - Tract
Blue Fields / Green Fields
My last name translates to Blue Fields or Green Fields. Blue, like the water surrounding the islands of Japan and the Pacific Ocean where my grandparents arrived in the US, to the waves of Chicago's Lake Michigan where I was born. Green, like the rice paddies my ancestors farmed and the rolling plains of the Midwest farmland where I call home.

This series uses the process of manipulating my drawing utensils like hashi (chopsticks) as a conceptual means expressing these dualities.

More images to come