Joanne Aono
Hashi TwinHashi Twin (Detail)Hashi - Bridge, Twin DiptychHashi - Bridge, Twin Diptych DetailHashi - Sticks, Twin DiptychHashi - Sticks, Twin Diptych DetailHashi - Tips, Twin DiptychHashi - Tips, Twin Diptych DetailTwin/Futago 1Twin/Futago 2Twin/Futago 4Twin/Futago 5Twin/Futago 6Twin/Futago 7Twin/Futago 10Twin/Futago 11Twin/Futago 12Twin/Futago 13Hashi - TwinHashi Twin 3Hashi Twin 8Hashi Twin 14Hashi Twin 15Hashi Twin 16Tomi & Yuki 1Tomi & Yuki 1 -DetailTomi & Yuki 2Tomi & Yuki 2 -DetailTomi & Yuki 3Tomi & Yuki 4Tomi & Yuki 5Tomi & Yuki 6
1 & One
Dualities along with comparisons and contrasts are underlying themes in my drawings and paintings. Through my life as a twin and my bi-cultural experience as a Japanese American, I use visual and conceptual pairings to depict the universal quest to maintain a collective identity while projecting a sense of individuality. The obscured text is from my research on twins and hashi (chopsticks), forming the basis of each piece.

The process used in the Hashi series is slow and methodical, beginning with hand inscribed text which is layered over with graphite pencils used like chopsticks to draw a minimal and quiet reflection of twin images. Likewise, the Twin/Futago series consists of hand inscribed text on top of which dual images are drawn or painted with graphite, charcoal, pastel or oils.

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