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Joanne Aono Green Fields East/West Hashi Diptych
Aono (Green Fields) East/West
Colored Pencil on Inscribed Board
36 x 49 inch diptych

“Aono (Green Fields) East/West” is from a series of drawings based on my family name, Aono, which can translate from Japanese as “Green Fields.” These relate to the migration of my grandparents from the rice paddies of Japan, across the oceans to the United States of America, and through the generations, to the prairies and farmland of the Midwest. These drawings contain hand-inscribed text, written by me, describing my family’s immigration.

This series uses my process of holding drawing utensils like Hashi (chopsticks), as a conceptual means to express the duality of embracing our cultural differences and similarities. With two pencils in my hand, I manipulate them to work in opposition to each other in order to create the drawing.

Private Collection