Joanne Aono
Research, process, and concept are key elements in Joanne Aono's multidisciplinary art. Her process begins with inquiry after which she writes a composition, providing a foundation of obscured text for the quiet, layered imagery. In this age of loud and fast information overload, she seeks to slow the experience through minimal compositions and limited palettes. Upon closer examination, the complexity of line and the written content create more for the viewer to absorb.

Her drawings, paintings, and installations often examine dualities emanating from her experiences as an identical twin in relation to the world. Addressing issues such as the sociology of twins, the lives of ancestors, immigration, and agrarian life, she incorporates pairings visually and thematically, exploring differences and similarities, and the universal dilemma of acculturation while defining a unique identity.

For Joanne's current curriculum vitae, please contact her.