Joanne Aono
Shumpo Takagi -Panel AShumpo Takagi -Panel BShumpo Takagi -Panel CKurtOiDetail -Oi
These are portraits of people who have passed away after leaving a significant impact on my life. Knowing that their absence is remembered differently for everyone they left behind, I questioned how a person is perceived by each of their acquaintances. When memories are recalled, a portrait of differing perspectives emerges.

The triptych, “Shumpo Takagi” is from my grandfather’s autobiography. What he wrote is not necessarily what I remember most about him, leading me to a cloudy, blurred interpretation. Other portraits are painted with a stream of consciousness writing comprised of memories of the individual with highlights of the strongest thoughts. The image is based on a key aspect of the person: “Kurt” the turbulent waters of the Great Lakes where he sailed, and “Oi” a pinhole camera vignette from his photography.

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