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Wetlands Elegy, at Mosnart visiting artist project space, addresses the previous terrain of the Pullman neighborhood of Chicago. This area existed as wet prairie, abundant with native plants and wildlife, until the environment was altered by industrial and human development. The biodiversity was challenged by dwindling habitat and invasive species, resulting in extinct and endangered populations.

Wetlands Elegy begins with “Wild Things,” an outdoor artwork consisting of a variety of seeds arranged to depict the images of extinct species from the region. As animals and the elements disperse the seed, the image will disappear, revealing text from a quote by conservationist Aldo Leopold. Periodically, new seed images will be installed. “Wild Things” is part of the Terrain Biennial, an international public art event.

The exhibition continues to the transom of Mosnart, with a drawing of birds on the window glass combining with reflections of the sky. The interior space includes a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. surrounded by silverpoint drawings based on extinct and endangered wetlands species.

This exhibition is currently being installed - check back for more images.

Wetlands Elegy
14 x 33 inches
Wild Things
seed on hand painted polymer substrate
60 x 60 inches